Alix performing with System FailureHi, my name is Alix Han (yes, it's spelled with an "i" and Han as in Starwars' Han Solo) and I am a UX professional currently living in Seattle, WA, my favorite city on Earth. I am a self-proclaimed geek in a lot of areas because I tend to go all out on the stuff I am passionate about. For instance, I once hurt my right forearm really bad from playing Guitar Hero incessantly and told everyone that I injured it from snowboarding (darn you "Cowboys From Hell"!). But then again, I did lead my Rock Band band, System Failure, to victory in a 13-band competition for the Microsoft Giving Campaign in 2008 and raised over $3500 in one afternoon. That's me in my mid-Rockstar jump in the photo!

I have been doing design for about 11 years, ranging from animation to information architecture to graphics to interaction to logo to UI, both as an individual contributor or as a manager (art direction and design direction). My vast experience and interest in all areas of user experience gives me the ability to create and implement the end-to-end experience, which is my absolute favorite. If it was up to me, the end result not only solves user's problem very well, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. I believe that it is possible to achieve a balance between form and function that results in something usable.

During my non-designing hours, I enjoy life to the fullest as much as possible with my dogs Solo & Chewie, being an aunt to four very adorable nephew and nieces, eating good food, snowboarding, drawing, karaokeing, traveling, and dancing on the beach.


When I was a little girl, I often visited my grandmother who lived on a big farm with acres of bamboo forest. It was a place of adventure, calm, and elegance. I often imagined practicing magical flying martial arts in it, leaping from the top of one bamboo tree to another. While brainstorming the design of this new site, I watched House of the Flying Dagger and Hero, and they reminded me how I felt as a kid in a bamboo forest and how it made me feel like I can achieve anything... like UX Kung Fu.